Pashminas & Wraps Introduces new cashmere wrap for outdoor weddings

Pashminas & Wraps Introduces New Cashmere Wrap For Outdoor Weddings

Pashminas & Wraps Introduces new cashmere wrap for outdoor weddings

Pashminas & Wraps is again spurring its magic in their new wedding collection for 2017. The company’s new outdoor wedding collection of Cashmere wrap is a hit for the season in Europe. After their previous bridal collection became a huge success, now this recent introduction is bigger, better and is based on a complete outdoor wedding theme.

“More than the bride and groom, this is for the organisers who have requested us to for a collection that will suit the entire theme of outdoor wedding,” said the Marketing Head.

Pashminas & Wraps is offering a fresh designing theme which exaggerated hues of bliss. They have categorised the colours in different shade cards for easier selection.

For outdoor wedding generic themes, these shades are just apt. Most of the colours are bright which will perfectly complement the natural light as well as evening or reception lights too. The company heads also stated that these shades are available in Italian Cashmere wrap which is more affordable in comparison.

According to other specific outdoor themes like beach wedding, they are offering colour combinations with different shades of blue, sea green, peal, beige and sandy yellow. This palate of shade is going to create an aura in contrast with the wedding decor.

Also, they have made a brilliant palate for forest or garden wedding. This includes dark to light green, burgundy, brown and bright seasonal colours like red, crimson, orange, tangerine, pink, purple, blue, yellow and stir the feeling of springtime.

These hues will look good on the pillars, ceiling chairs, and tables. To make a better match, the company has a series of base colours that goes well with their new collection. This includes ivory, white, crème, black, silver, and gold.

Pashminas & Wraps further stated that, as they are introducing it as a wedding theme collection, clients will order cashmere wrap in bulk. For this reason, they have a separate bulk order rate and delivery section of wholesale.

This is adding a star in their service and has the complete potential to draw more clients.

About the company:

Pashminas & Wraps is one of the most renowned names in the fashion industry of London. Now, they are extending their service on a global platform too with their international delivery serviceswithin just 14 days for £9.99. As the demand is high, the company has offered a new wholesale rate for bulk orders where clients can buy each cashmere wrap at a price lowerthan local retailers in Europe. This rate is available for placing an order of 30 wraps or more.


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