Dr. BackhausIntroduces Herbal Extracts of Melatonin to Natural Sleeping Pills!

Dr. BackhausIntroduces Herbal Extracts Of Melatonin To Natural Sleeping Pills!

Dr. BackhausIntroduces Herbal Extracts of Melatonin to Natural Sleeping Pills!

Dr. Backhaus had brought to the medical market a revolutionary sleeping aid with the help of his natural ingredients formula. Herbal extractions of melatonin have been recently added as a core ingredient of Dr. Backhaus natural sleeping pills. This augmentation is expected to increase their sale rate by 30% as patients are always on the lookout for natural supplements than chemical pills.

The pineal gland in the brain is responsible for producing melatonin. Its secretion depends upon light and dark cycles; production is reduced by bright light and triggered by darkness. However, lack of melatonin productions leads to insomniac conditions in human beings. To aid such suffering patients with natural medication, Dr. Backhaus has introduced this novel remedy.

“Most insomniac patients opt for chemical sleeping pills that contain artificial melatonin. I have, however, tried to extract this naturally occurring hormone from plants. With this, I hope many patients suffering from insomnia will be benefitted,” stated Dr. Backhaus.  

Talking about the perks, melatonin offers several other health benefits as well. Medical professionals claim that it fights cancer, reduces cell aging and improves immunity system. But when melatonin is consumed in its artificial counterpart, ill effects gain prominence over its benefits. Addiction and dependence are the two major side effects of chemically induced sleeping pills. Dr. Backhaus’ natural sleeping aids, however, promise to be free of all such evils.
Inclusion of melatonin extracts in their natural sleeping pills would be supported by passion flower, valerian root, chamomile, lemon balm, hops and GABA extracts. All these herbal ingredients together assure to supply a person with the required sleep naturally.

“I have been suffering from insomnia for years now. Like everyone else, I have been taking prescribed pills which have become a habit now. Dr. Backhaus’ product gives me some assurance that I can amend my pill dependency with the help of natural melatonin extract,” said a patient suffering from sleeping troubles.

This formula was drawn after extensive research and studies. Dr. Backhaus admitted that being a doctor, his first duty was to ensure proper health of patients. Therefore, after years of hard work, he was finally able to decode the formula of obtaining melatonin naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables (tomato, cucumber, grapes, olive, etc.), seeds and nuts (flaxseed, sunflower seed, walnut, peanut), and grains (oats, barley, rice).

The pill has already touched the market and interested buyers are already purchasing in large numbers. It is expected that more people will be switching to this natural medication soon.

About the company:

Dr. Backhaus is a reputed brand of natural sleeping pills, widely known as #1 in the market. They use an exclusive herbal formula to extract the ingredients naturally occurring in plants, vegetables, seeds and grains. The pills are non-habit forming and incur no side effects, unlike their prescribed counterparts.


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