Cristina Jaymes

Cristina Jaymes

There was a recent press conference where Credit Bot explained how one can buy online products and services without actually spending money.

January 2018: In the recently concluded press conference Credit Bot made clear how one can buy goods and services without actually using any money.

They explained in details about how to use their service so that one can have the ease of buying without spending any money in reality. They explained that they understand the hardship that common people face when they have no money in hand but have the necessity to have certain service. This understanding has made Credit Bot think of a way of making purchases or making payments for services used without the use of any actual money.

They said that their site can be efficiently used for having such credits when one places an order. They need to use the Event Ticket payment methodology. The entire amount of the order will be deducted from the credit that you have and you have not to pay any money from your side at that moment.

The payment bot is going to make life easier. They said that as there will no requirement of actual money one can use this methodology that they have introduced to purchase essential things which are immediately required. One does not have to wait for having some money on hand to have those essentials. The credit already present can be used for such purpose.

The credit available can also be used for paying charges when one intends to play casino or any other nature of online games. It depends upon one how he wants to use the available credit. The credit can be used in stores where such payment means are accepted.

They explained that the means of chat pay that they have made available never expires. You must have seen that credit cards of any nature have an expiry date but such credit means has no such date and can be used as long as the user wishes to use it.

They also explained that they have introduced a dashboard on their site from where users can easily understand the credit that one still has which can be used. The credit is refreshed every day so that status shown is the most recent one. The author Mr. Benedict Williams is an expert in bot nature of credit system. He has shared his valuable thoughts over here with us.


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