Upgrading Your Porsche with Porsche Tuning

Upgrading Your Porsche With Porsche Tuning

Upgrading Your Porsche with Porsche Tuning

Lomawheels is a Porsche tuning company based in Germany specializing in Porsche automobiles. One of their most popular programs is the Titan EVO for the Porsche Cayenne. The tuning program consists of increased engine power for the Turbo model, new aerodynamics, interior refinements, and new concave truck wheels. The goal of the Titan EVO was to make the Cayenne even more dynamic, stylish, and powerful. As part of the exterior styling and performance package, lomawheels has replaced the stock Porsche Cayenne wheels with a number of forged and concave truck wheels along with suspension upgrades.

The lomawheels comes standard with an air ride suspension system. So, for the Titan EVO, lomawheels upgraded the system with a new lowering module that can reduce ride height by 40 mm up front and 30 mm at the rear for improved handling. In conjunction with the lower center of gravity, new concave truck wheels ranging from 20 to 23 inches can be installed. Customers also have the option to install forged and multi-piece wheels in the same sizes. Behind the wheels sit red painted brake calipers and stainless steel brake lines. For the interior, lomawheels allows customers to create a custom cockpit with a wide range of accessories.

Instrument dials, aluminum pedals, foot rests, seat belts, and turbo boost gauges can be installed in a custom color. The Titan EVO can be fitted with a variety of leather packages and stitching designs contrasted by lomawheels. The rear seats can be replaced with single seating and feature multimedia interfaces for Apple products. Porsche cars fall under the category of luxury high performance cars. This is one of the successful car manufacturing companies with a number of awards and high profit margins. A number of models are available in Porsche some of which include racing cars, electric vehicles, concept cars, etc. Porsche has always shared a close relationship with Volkswagen.

The company has planned for unison in 2011 to become the Integrated Automotive Group. Porsche has produced cars with horse power ratings as high as 605. Superchargers have many advantages over a turbocharger. Porsche Tuning takes place mechanically by the engine belts whereas turbocharger waits for the exhaust gases to compress the air. Porsche does not need special shutdown unlike turbo chargers. There are also electrical superchargers. Thus by choosing to use a supercharger, you can save the costs of building a bigger engine. You can also achieve a very high performance by the combined installation of supercharger kits and turbo kits for cars.


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