Charter a Yacht for Astounding Experiences around Alluring Destinations

Charter A Yacht For Astounding Experiences Around Alluring Destinations

Charter a Yacht for Astounding Experiences around Alluring Destinations

Most of us love seas. Sea side touring is a popular activity among many tourists. Hiring a boat and riding the high tides is a dream of many. It is basically a leisure activity. Earlier yachts were used for light sailing and to catch pirates. But now, the pirate catching days are over.

Now, yachts are mainly used for recreational purposes. Many organizations have even created a business out of this. The construction of motor yachts for frivolous activities has been soaring. Now, since yachts have become popular tourist attractions. A variety of yachts are being built for a variety of purposes.

Yacht Types:

Yachts are being made available not only for sailing but for other activities also. Yachts are basically of two types, steamboats and powerboats. Now, different subtypes come under these yacht types. Steamboats are powered via steam power through propellers and powerboats have an engine supporting their propulsion.

The most common type of yacht that is used for private and recreational use is luxury sailing yachts and cruising yachts. Yachts are even used in sports like racing yachts are used in Bermuda Race and Volvo Ocean Race. For, short journeys there are the weekender yachts and the day sailing yachts.

Chartering of Yachts:

When yachts are hired for personal and recreational use, it is known as yacht chartering. A motor yacht charter can involve a personally hired crew for chartering the yacht or a person can personally charter the yacht without professional help. The first type is called skippered charter and the latter is known as bareboat charter.

Types of Yacht Chartering:

There are two types of yacht chartering. When a small group of 4-6 people hire a yacht for sailing, it is called un-inspected yachts. When the passenger count runs up to hundreds, it is inspected yachts. For a large passenger ship, there is mega yacht charter. A professional crew is present to handle the steering.

Luxury Chartering:

In today’s time the most common type of chartering is for luxury trips all around the world. There are luxury motor yachts that are available at various prices that promise mind blowing tours among the best scenic islands and countries all around the world. There are many popular spots to visit via luxury yachts.

Some of the hotspots are the Mediterranean regions, Ibiza, St Barts, French Riviera, the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Turkey and Greece. Greece is a favourite among tourists for yacht chartering. A luxury motor yacht charter Greece provides mind blowing prospects for a lovely tour of the Greece islands.


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