Property Affairs and Valuation in Dubai

Property Affairs And Valuation In Dubai

Property Affairs and Valuation in Dubai

Dubai, once a desert has now turned into a land of investment. The place has really changed the entire economic scenario of the world. All the major countries of the world are interested to invest in Dubai. The place has now turned into a great place for business.

Sale of property and its other features in Dubai:

One thing that must be mentioned in this context is that when anyone is investing their money in buying properties especially in other parts of the world, they should have a look at its economy. In this regard Dubai’s economy is quite sound. In fact property for sale in Dubai has now become a very lucrative business.

Dubai has been considered to be a winner of planning and economic growth in the MENA region (Middle East and North African Regions).In the year 2015 the country was already announced as the fastest growing economies of the entire world.

Overview about the apartments in Dubai:

Dubai city has great geographical advantage. Its proximity to the gulf nations has inspired investors to acquire an office space in this city to cover places like India, Africa etc. The apartments in Dubai have great demand because people from various places often come here seeking employment.

The apartments are well furnished and have all the basic amenities. Besides this most of them are located at prime places. Thus, everyone can access markets, and other means. Every day the demand of these apartments is increasing. The rates charged by the owners are quite reasonable.

Even the apartments for sale in Dubai are quite lucrative. The pricesare high but if analysed globally it is evident that the rate is quite reasonable.  There are ample advantages that are provided within the price. Dubai is a country which is absolutely free from property tax except for commercial properties.

If anyone buys a property inLondon, then they have to pay a tax of 2.33%. Whereas in New York it is 2.2%.However no property tax is imposed on people who buy properties in Dubai. Thus it makes easier to invest in this city.

Apart from this there is a good appreciation of properties in Dubai. For example people who have purchased a property at the time of its launch in 2006 had to pay AED 763 per sq.ft. After 10 years people who sold the same property sold it at a price of AED 1,609 per sq.ft.


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