Testing of Various Type of Precious Stones

Testing Of Various Type Of Precious Stones

Testing of Various Type of Precious Stones

There are many people on this earth who have a great passion for stones like diamond, ruby, pearl etc. In fact there are some who wear stones as per the advice of astrologers. It generally depends upon person. However stones have a great demand since time immemorial.

Testing of various stones:

It can be well said in this connection that Diamond is a very precious stones. It really looks wonderful. Thus in order to judge that whether the stone is real is the most important thing. Hence there is ample best diamond testing lab in the world that does this work. They are pioneer in this field.

Gemological Institute of America or GIA issues the certificate of accuracy of Diamond. This certification is considered to be the final one. They test the diamond by using various techniques and machineries.

On the other hand Ruby is also considered to be very precious stones. It is quite expensive. Pakistan has a huge reserve of various types of stones. In fact Ruby testing in Pakistan is presumed to be quite authentic and genuine.

There are big industries in the country that are engaged in this type of work. The workers are quite efficient, skilled and experienced. Even they can easily recognise the genuineness of the stone without any machine.

Pakistan is also famous as it has huge reserve of emerald, Ruby, topaz and other type of stones. The reserves are also a wonderful place to see.

Testing of emerald in Pakistan:

It has also been found that emerald testing in Pakistan is quite renowned across the world. There is a process that is followed for evaluating an emerald.

Firstly a magnifying glass is used for looking into the stone. Then the sparkling effect is noticed and also the colour is examined properly. Secondly the layers of the stone are also observed critically. Again dichroscope is introduced for observing the genuineness of the emerald.

Thus this is the main method by which the stones are examined preliminary. After this they are sent to the labs for scientific testing. The four elements namely oxygen, silicon, aluminium, beryllium constitutes emerald.  They are found deep in the earth’s crust.

Emerald is presumed to be very precious stones. It has an ample of astrological significances. It is deep brown in colour and has a very glazy look.

Thus it can be well assumed form the following discussion that since a long time stones has a great importance in human lives. Presently modern methods are adopted to check its accurateness.


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