The Perfect Way to Have Genuine Certifications for Stones and Diamonds

The Perfect Way To Have Genuine Certifications For Stones And Diamonds

The Perfect Way to Have Genuine Certifications for Stones and Diamonds

In the recent press conference Galaxy Gemological Institute declared them to be the one ideal for offering the genuine certification for precious stones and diamonds.

Pakistan, 14th June 2018: The place of the recent press conference was the place where Galaxy Gemological Institute showed how they are the one whom you can trust to have the genuine certification for precious stones and diamonds.

They showcased various facilities that they have made available so that they can be relied on to offer the best of precious gemstone testing.

Best of the laboratory: They have the best of laboratory situated in the heart of Karachi where you can have your gems and diamonds tested. They have state-of-art pieces of equipment and best of gemologists having years of experience in performing such testing. The certificates they issue are authentic and it is relied on by reputed organizations dealing with gems and diamonds worldwide.

Nature of reports available: They are the one who makes possible to have reports of various natures. The diamond certification they offer makes one aware of the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of the diamond tested. The stone and the certificate are sealed in a tamper-proof seal so that no one can do any mischief with it. You can expect to have the same nature of reports for any precious stones that you have them to test.

Affordable service: The services they offer are affordable and they even offer special discounts so that all can have such test performed at the best of the Gemological institute in Pakistan. If we have a look at their price range then we can easily see that they are affordable. Over that affordable price, you can have 10% discount if 5 stones are tested. When one has the GGI membership card then 25% discount can be available.

Varied nature of services: Certification of stones and diamonds is a part of their multifaceted services that you can expect from them. They also offer services which will make you educated regarding the gems, the various techniques of grading and other expertise so that no one can cheat you regarding stones and diamonds. They also offer the best of a platform which may be required by you when you wish to exchange gems. The author Mr. Richard Gilson is a reputed gemologist specialized in testing diamonds. He is associated with various reputed gemological institutes. Here he has shared his thoughts with us.


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